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*Wed, Apr 24 , 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Where Fact Meets Fiction: behind the scenes of a genealogical crime mystery - Nathan Dylan Goodwin

*Fri, Apr 26, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Tax Rolls: Getting Our Money's Worth from the taxes Our Ancestors Paid - Elizabeth Shown Mills

*Tue, Apr 30, 9 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Getting Out of the Archives and Into the Pubs to Trace Your Irish Ancestry - Eliza Watson

*Wed, May 1, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA - Alec Ferretti

*Fri, May 3, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Researching in Kent - Helen V. Smith

*Wed, May 8, 7 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Finding the Records for "Impossible" Genealogy - Lessons Learned from a Chinese Genealogist - Linda Yip

*Tue, May 14, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: A Closer Look at the 1850-1950 U.S. Census Records, with a Little Extra Help - Diane Henriks

*Wed, May 15, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Forgotten records: The Record and Pension Office - Craig R. Scott

*Wed, May 15, 6 PM PDT* - Internet -(Live) SCGS Webinar:  Digital Library on American Slavery & Related Projects from Across the South - Diane L. Richard

*Fri, May 17, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: The Mexican National Archive (AGN): A Resource for Genealogists - Nefi Arenas Salazar

*Tue, May 21, 7 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Editing Your Own Writing - Part 1 - Thomas W. Jones

*Wed, May 22, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: A Tour of Goldie May's Genealogy Power Tools - Richard Miller

*Fri, May 24, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Identity Crises: Right Name, Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man? - Elizabeth Shown Mills

*Tue, May 28, 7 AM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Webinaire MyHeritage en francais - Elisabeth Zetland

*Wed, May 29, 1 PM* - Internet - (Live)  Legacy Webinar: Capturing Their Stories, Part II: Next Steps with Your Family History Interviews - Collen Robledo Greene

Welcome To The PGS Website

It is our intention to provide a place where a variety of genealogy-related information and tools can be shared with family researchers.

Our society organized in 1971 and draws its name from the Pioneer Woman Statue erected in Ponca City in 1930.  This statue celebrates the noble spirit of determination displayed by the women who settled this region.  We seek to honor the determination of all of the pioneers and their descendants, along with the Native American cultures that were early inhabitants, who continue to be a major element today.  Our focus is on Kay County but we also include limited information related to the surrounding counties of Osage, Pawnee, Noble and Grant, Also Sumner and Cowley counties in Kansas.

Our monthly meetings are open to the public and held at the Ponca City Library.  We also answer queries, publish a quarterly newsletter, compile local genealogical records, and provide a mentoring program for genealogy assistance in cooperation with the library.